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Lindsay Cole for State Representative

Lindsay Cole, is an Ohio native, a businesswoman and single working mom of two, a former professional cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals, and a survivor of domestic violence.  
An unapologetic and proud conservative Christian,

Lindsay is running for office because she says, “ Silence Is No Longer Golden. ”  


Lindsay says she has a moral responsibility to hold herself accountable and use her experience and her voice to speak up for all of our families, our faith, and our freedoms. 

Lindsay chose to break her silence about domestic violence by starting a charitable nonprofit called to help the many women who proudly and silently fight for their dignity and their children behind closed doors.  


Lindsay’s goal is to raise money and awareness to give these brave women the keys they need to break free from the cycle of domestic violence forever.

But Lindsay believes in America, we can do more.  She wants to use her voice in Columbus and remind them that we, the people, are still in charge. She says nobody should ever be forced into silence by the government or anyone else who tells us to sit still, be afraid, and obey.  Lindsay says she will fight like a momma bear until the people have their voices heard too.


Our Freedoms Were Taken Away And They Did Nothing. Why Should We Ever Trust Them Again?


Why did they do nothing while our kids are forced to wear masks outside?


Why didn’t they give taxpayers our money back when they shut schools down?


And since they didn’t give us back our money, why didn’t they at least use the money we gave them for schools and create childcare?


Why did they use our tax dollars to fund a lottery to vaccinate people who don’t want a vaccine - yet they refuse to use the same amount of money to fight abusers and help domestic abuse victims who are begging for help to become survivors.


Why did they force private “essential” workers to go to work when they didn’t want to - yet they paid our tax money to the people essential to caring for our children like teachers and other government employees for working from home and not caring for our children.


They say family is first, but they bailed out the clients of their lobbyist friends with billions in taxpayer dollars through PPP money so they can get paid for nothing - yet there was no PPP program to help a mom who is forced to work from home in the middle of the night while her kids are sleeping because she has to watch her kids during the day.



They say they will protect our freedom of religion. But when Churches, Bars, and Casinos all had to close during Covid - They gave billions of our taxpayer dollars to the bars and casinos, yet our churches were left to fend for themselves.


Jesus said we are all children of God - free to chose his will. Our Declaration of Independence says we are all created equal under God - yet they allow critical race theory to be taught in school to tell white kids they are born different and privileged while kids of color that they are born different and less than.  We don’t come to God through sin. We don’t solve racism with racism.


They gave public schools more of our taxpayer dollars to do less instruction and care of our children during Covid - but they shut down religious and private schools altogether with no support.

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